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Pearly Gates is a brand launched by Sanei International in Japan in 1989 with the concept of “more easy and more fun”. Rabbit is used for the brand logo after calling a player who has made a high performance on tours in the United States.

They are a classic solid color, with a cheerful color pattern like a tropical vacation, and they have a variety of designs. Especially in recent years, there are unique clothes and accessories that make you laugh, with the motif of chameleons and sloths. You will surely like them as a lady golf apparel.

They are supported by women of all ages because of their design diversity. Animal motifs and accessories are especially good gifts for young women who love cute things.

Other line, Jack bunny Golf, for beginner or Enjoy golfer

Jack bunny Golf, for beginner or Enjoy golfer

XXIO review for lady golfer

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Nylon 73%, Polyurethane 27%

Pearly Gates 2019 20d Nylon Taffeta
Product code : am_1912_055-134020

Price : 309 USD


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Lady Golf Japan
Lady Golf Japan for women  > Golf Apparel  > Skirt  > Pearlygates  > Pearly Gates 2019 20d Nylon Taffeta

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