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Lady Golf Japan

Lecoq Sportif is the oldest sports brand in France, founded in 1882 by Emile Camuse. In 1948, we began selling sportswear under the name Lecoq Sportif, which had a rooster.

Lecoq Golf Japan uses “LOVE GOLF” as its slogan and expresses the appeal of golf as “freedom, equality, and bonds” in three colors: blue, white, and red. Wear with Lecoq's rooster logo that can be seen at a glance, has high functionality such as quick-drying and UV-cutting, so you can play comfortably. This is especially desirable for lady golf apparel.

They are loved by women of all ages and are therefore easy to give to older women. Even if you have a long history of golf, you will be pleased if you give a vivid color pattern to an older friend.

Polyester, Free Size 55 - 57cm
Lecoq Golf Japan 2019 Fall & Winter Dalmatian Fur Sun Visor
Product code : am_1911_qgcojc53

Price : 50 USD

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